How do you celebrate Christmas?
With stockings hung from the fireplace?
With gifts under the tree?
With scattered family gathered in one place for a little while?
With a big meal?
This year, thanks to the quirks of the calendar, Christmas falls on a Sunday, so we’d like to invite you to add to the list above by celebrating Christmas at 11 AM in the sanctuary (remember — no SS class!) …
with lots of your favorite carols;
with scriptures that remind us of the gift we’ve been given;
with your church family;
with the preparation of a meal to share through Manna Meal.
That last one is a little tricky. You’ve heard the story of Stone Soup, where everyone adds a little something to the kettle and the result is delicious!? Well, it’ll be like that. We’ll have some big kettles in the sanctuary (and can openers) and invite folks to add vegetable broth (or V8 juice), canned tomatoes, corn, carrots, beans, potatoes, etc. We’ll take it down to Manna Meal when the service is over and they’ll give it away in small containers (we could use some of those too!)