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Our History

We may seem like a settled congregation, but we weren’t always.

1950 is the birth date of the Village Chapel Presbyterian Church. Several years before that, in 1946, 47 persons gathered at Horace Mann (Elementary at that time, now a Middle School) to begin a new outpost of the First Presbyterian Church of Charleston. In 1948 as attendance increased, it became necessary to move to the club house of the Charleston Boat Club, where services were held until November, 1949. The congregation then worshiped in its new sanctuary (now our Fellowship Hall) and the church was organized by the Presbytery of Kanawha on March 26, 1950. There were 242 Charter members.

The present sanctuary, parlor and kitchen were built in 1960. Lightning struck the church in August 1988. The resulting fire necessitated the complete renovation of the education building and fellowship hall. These facilities provide adequate, comfortable meeting places for worship, study, fellowships and service ministries, and are used by the community for various group meetings, classes, and programs.


We acquired the house next door to the church for extra Sunday school space. Now it is being used to house a satellite location for KPCC, a counseling service. The backyard also gives more space for our children to play!

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