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We gather for worship both in person and online
via Facebook and Zoom every Sunday at 11 AM.

We believe that God created the world and that we are made in God’s image to be creative, so we take a creative approach to worship, using a variety of arts and experiences to help people connect and respond to God.  


God’s Word, Jesus Christ, is the focus of our worship and all we do is to bring glory and praise to God.


Our services are a blend of traditional structure and contemporary elements. We recognize that worshipers have diverse tastes and find meaning in different ways. A classical organ prelude may lift the spirits of some. Others may find more inspiration from singing along to a guitar. Others still may be more engaged by the visual elements of the worship space or by pondering the words of prayers or sermon. 


Music plays a key role in every worship service, and other art forms are used frequently and thoughtfully as well—including the poetic imagery and language of the liturgy, dramatic presentations of the text, installations of visual art and media pieces, and opportunities for participatory response to God’s Word.


Special services are held during the Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter seasons.


We celebrate communion during worship at least once per month (usually on the first Sunday of the month) and on significant church holidays.

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